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C++ Application Framework for the X Window System

JX is a full-featured C++ application framework and widget library (SDK) for use with the X Window System. The power of JX stems from its rich feature set and extensibility which support all aspects of professional quality application development. The library provides a wide variety of widgets for use in your program's windows along with useful functionality that connects the widgets and windows to make complete, working software. The package also includes a graphical window layout editor that lets you quickly position and configure the widgets in each of the program's windows. JX is built directly on top of Xlib and has been carefully optimized for performance.

The package also includes a complete test suite that demonstrates all of the features of the library and a set of tutorial programs that introduce the major concepts, one at a time. This provides a rich source of sample code, both for top level application design and for individual widget classes. It also shows how to extend the functionality of the library by, for example, creating custom tables or menus.

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